The railway has been built in a former garage, which has now been converted into a proper secure railway room.

All home comforts have been supplied with the exception of running water and drainage - The home comforts include: Fully insulated walls and ceiling, three layers of carpets throughout, remote controlled and timed heating, telephone extension and internet access (for watching trains on http://www.railcam.uk)






The baseboards for the railway are made from 12mm thick medium density fibreboard, with each board individually cut and shaped to suit. These are fixed onto a bespoke framework of 4in x 1in planed timber that is in turn bolted strategically to the walls as appropriate.

Baseboard heights have been set to a standard of 914mm (36in) for the low level, which includes a test track for continual running as well as for Western Region station at Yeominster, and an upper height of 1143mm (45in) for the entire Southern Region upper level.




The 'Finish' on the sides of the baseboards are painted in the colour of the region that the area on the surface represents..... i.e. green for Southern Region areas, and brown for Western Region areas.. This is so that operators know which region their train is currently running over.




Special arrangements have been made so that the baseboards that contain any pointwork on the Southern Region upper level at Crompton junction and at West Hallowes can be easily lifted up from the front, so that points motors and train detection equipment can all be readily accessed in case of any failures.





All of the trackwork was supplied by MARCWAY MODELS of Sheffield (http://www.marcway.net).......

It consists of PECO CODE 143 Flat Bottomed rail on 'wood' sleepers for the main line, and MARCWAY Code 148 Flat Bottomed rail soldered to MARCWAY copper clad strip for the pointwork, all of which was hand made by Millfield Workshops.

With the exception of the outer Up Southern Line between West Hallowes Pier and Crompton Junction South, a minimum standard radius has been applied to all lines and pointwork - As will be recognised by many '0' scale modellers, this is particularly tight, but it was the price that had to be paid to get so much in into such a relateivley small space.

Code 148 Flat Bottomed Rail has also been used for the Southern Region 3rd Conductor rail. It is all fixed with industrial 'SuperGlue' to homemade insulating pots which were made from white styrene tubing onto approximately every fifth sleeper.



Points have all been built so that the moving parts move around a 'Fulcrum Screw' as shown here at Yeominster Town shortly after installation. Although not prototypical, this method of assembly ensures a minimum of effort is required by the points motor underneath, as no bending of either of the switchblades occurs during the switching operation.