The Ore Car Dumper at Harrison Point enables rapid and automatic discharge of wagons without the need for uncoupling.....

Each wagon has a laterally opening door on each side, both of which are opened simultaneously by guiderails set on the underside of the mechanism which is placed alongside both sides of the track inside the building - The ore then discharges effortlessly into the chutes below and is collected in a large receptacle underneath.




The following illustrations show the actions of the door opening and closing mechanisms have on each wagon as it passes through the assemby during tests - Wagons enter from the left, and exit on the right.


As the wagon enters, the doorcams become engaged with the underside guides


As the wagon continues its journey through the dumper, the doors are fully opened and the cargo discharged

As the wagon exits the dumper, the doors are automatically closed again


Ready for the return trip to the mine


Trackside ‘indexing’ markers have been provided on each side of the facility so that the drivers of the trains that are being unloaded know precisely where to stop when each respective set of wagon doors is fully open.


Finally, a view into the completed Dumper - Internal overhead lighting has also been installed to enable working during the hours of darkness.