Each 'ORE CENTRE' (Centre Discharge) wagon is basically an open topped high-sided box, with its floor raised by 45 degrees from each side outwards from the centre doors. This particular configuration has been employed so as to give the greatest efficiency in aiding gravity during the unloading procedure in the car dumper at Harrison Point -



The wagons are each fitted with a single full-length latterally sliding door on each side so as to obtain high unloading speeds. These doors are fitted with heavy-duty cams that engage with the door opening and closing mechanisms that are mounted on a frame inside the dumper building, as each wagon passes through.




Particular care has been given with the internal design of the wagons, so as to prevent any ore from becoming trapped during discharge - The wagons have also been fitted with guards at the top of the doors to cover the gaps between the doors and the wagon sides. These guards prevent any ore from becoming trapped between the doors and wagon sides during the loading process at the mine, and the unloading process at the port.