The Consolidated Shales Railway Historical Society was set up to benefit both ‘employees’ and those people who happen to live locally near to the line.

Although the railway is firstly and foremost a serious ore hauling line, on pre-arranged dates the 'society' are allowed exclusive use of the line to run passenger excursions hauled by either their own or visiting live steam and diesel outline locomotives.............................

Sympathetic to the interests of its 'employees', the 'management' of the Consolidated Shales Mining Company helped the Consolidated Shales Railway Historical Society to obtain a 'Millie' type of live steam locomotive from the manufacturer, Roundhouse UK, together with a set of three Newqida tourist brake coaches - In order to comply with the Consolidated Shales Mining Company's numbering system, the locomotive has been numbered '4138' and named Little Mo after the wife of the 'Chairman' of the mining company, and the three coaches have been numbered '8604', '8605' and '8606', and are named ‘Carol’, ‘Joan’, and ‘Norma’ respectively - The 'society' has also been allocated a permanent locomotive preparation track at the 'company's STEAMER BAY engine terminal, and a turntable for turning locomotives has also been provided there.



After a temporary agreement between the 'mining company' and the 'society', permanent permission came for the 'society' to run its locomotives and rolling stock on the 'company's' heavy-haul railway on dates agreed in advance between the two parties. This agreement stated that all requirements with regards to the society's insurance would have to be met in the future before any running could commence, so enabling the society to extended its running invitations to all members of the

Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers

On 'society' open days, regular trains convey visitors and guests from a track in the yard at Harrison Point to the mine at Coolamusta. But, as there are no platforms at the mine, passengers have to remain on the train for the return journey - There are however two restrictions that the 'society' has to comply with when running on the 'company's' railway, in that all 'society' trains are prohibited from using the the Loadout Track at the mine, and are totally banned from the Ore Terminal and Port Area at Harrison Point.


Our Next Event


The Next Open Day will be held on Saturday 1st June at 12.00pm


Venue: North-West Anglesey

Your Hosts are: Ian & Mo Blackburn

Following ‘negotiations’ with the ‘mining company’, and, after the completion of the ‘company’s ore-haulage for the day, the CONSOLIDATED SHALES RAILWAYS HISTORICAL SOCIETY is pleased to invite visiting locos and rolling stock belonging to members of the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers to run on the 45mm Gauge CONSOLIDATED SHALES HEAVY-HAUL RAILWAY

Light Refreshments and a Buffet will be available – Any donations received will be forwarded to YNYS MON and GWYNEDD MIND

For further details, directions, parking instructions, and for catering purposes to let them know that you will be attending, please either telephone Ian or Mo on 01407 730544 or email them at:

Please note that the minimum radius of this railway is 3ft!

Please also note that the line is in an exposed position, and does not operate during wet weather, or, if the local wind speeds are in excess of 40kph (25mph).

So again, please check with Ian & Mo before you set off, or click HERE! for a live update on local conditions




On Open Days you can watch proceedings as they happen on our